Product developmentand engineering

Ready to install components are an important key element in the economic feasibility of complex industrial products. Renowned customers rely on the proven expertise offered by the specialists from Bächli. Bächli forms close corporations with its customers to develop innovative solutions with exceptional performance characteristics that make a significant and sustainable contribution to their success. By outsourcing project planning and development to Bächli, customers improve the reliability and efficiency of their processes, which in turn allows them to operate more efficiently in the market.


Product excellence, efficiency and cost management are crucial economic factors for success. Bächli steers all sub-processes securely towards the common goal by employing a sophisticated project management process. The additional value to the customer is in terms of cost control and quality assurance.

Simulationand testing

Modern simulation software for electrical, thermal and mechanical calculations provides crucial support in the development of products. It allows for the efficient simulation of different performance versions. The Bächli testing laboratory carries out type testing on all products. This ensures that the products can satisfy the stringent regulations in the different markets as well as the high performance requirements. We guarantee the quality of our products throughout their life-cycle by planning and conducting extensive shaking tests, strength analyses, climatic tests and electrical load tests in cooperation with professional institutes.

Single pieceand series production

Bächli manufactures its products in its own factory, which allows it to offer highly flexible delivery arrangements. The focus is always on the benefit to the customer. The components are delivered to the customer in the quantity ordered, at the agreed time and in certified quality. The production of stock at the customer is reduced to an absolute minimum. Quantities and specifications can be flexibly adapted as required.


The products manufactured by Bächli are expected to satisfy the highest requirements. Quality and cost efficiency are always the top priority. With its certified Smart-E-Power® solution, Bächli offers its customers additional potential for optimisation. Products that carry the Smart-E-Power® label incorporate selected technologies and top-quality materials that ensure the optimised performance of the products over the long term. Smart-E-Power® is an innovation developed by Bächli and offers our customers a unique value proposition.

Repairsand replicas

The services offered by Bächli include repairs to defective wound products, as well as the manufacturing of replicas. Whether for single-piece or series production, Bächli is capable of rapidly responding to customer enquiries in order to keep the downtime of a product to the minimum. The cause of a defect is established by carrying out a damage analysis, which allows the customer to choose between an identical repair or the production of a replica. Where a replica is required, Bächli will incorporate the latest developments and technology in the construction of the wound product, which allows for the optimisation of its efficiency, weight and output. Bächli takes care of the necessary documents and testing to reduce the work that the customer has to do.

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