Medical technology

The field of medical technology is an industry that is experiencing unprecedented development. The devices are becoming ever more specialised and powerful. This results in a high demand for the latest electrotechnical products that make these technological miracles possible in the first place. These products have to satisfy the most demanding requirements of miniaturisation and performance capabilities. Bächli possesses the expertise, experience and creativity it takes to provide the crucial impetus.

Examples of applicationsin medical technology:

  • Isolating transformers for rooms in hospitals and doctors’ surgeries for higher-use user groups (operation, intensive, investigative and anaesthesia recovery rooms)
  • Toroidal core transformers and chokes, converters
  • Power stabilisers and power filters for medical technology such as X-rays, CTI, MRT and MRI
  • Current-limiting reactors for MRT and MRI
  • Interference-protection filter transformers with highly permeable shielding
  • Highly-permeable surface shielding and low-loss stray-field transformers

International customers

Numerous international customers rely on the experience and expertise of Bächli’s specialists and use Bächli components in their solutions.